Green and Sustainable Finance

Course starts in: 04-02-2018

02 Days

Course Objectives

a.     To discuss concepts, policy issues, rules, regulations and Stakeholders related to Green and Sustainable Finance by banks 
b.     To analyze the role of banks and other organizations for developing Green and Sustainable Financing strategies in Global Economy and in Bangladesh
c.     To examine the challenges and potentialities of introducing green and sustainable finance in Bangladesh and suggesting the future roadmap

Course Info:

    a.    Conceptual Aspects and Stakeholders of Green and Sustainable Finance 
    b.    Policy and Regulatory Issues on Sustainable Finance in Bangladesh 
    c.    Inclusive Deposit Products and CSR by Banks 
    d.    Linking Economy with Sustainable Finance in Bangladesh 
    e.    Green Financing in Bangladesh
    f.    Case Study on Agriculture & Rural Financing and Small & Micro Enterprise Financing (including Women Entrepreneurship Financing) in Bangladesh
    g.    Green and Sustainable Reporting by Banks in Bangladesh
    h.    Status and Barriers of Sustainable and Financial Goals in Banking

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2. How do you evaluate the overall usefulness of the workshop?


3. How efficiently has the workshop been conducted by BIBM?


4. Please suggest further measures, if you have any, to make the workshop more effective.


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