Bank Guarantees

Course starts in: 07-02-2018

02 Days

Course Objectives

a.    To acquaint the overall bank guarantee environment.
b.    To understand the regulatory environment for handling bank guarantee.
c.    To build up practical skills in handling bank guarantee for both domestic and international trading.

Course Info:

    a.    Role of Bank Guarantee in the Trade Business of Bangladesh.
    b.    Overview on the Types of Bank Guarantee.
    c.    International Regulation like URDG, ISP etc.
    d.    Domestic Regulations.
    e.   Case Study on Handling of Bank Guarantee.

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2. How do you evaluate the overall usefulness of the workshop?


3. How efficiently has the workshop been conducted by BIBM?


4. Please suggest further measures, if you have any, to make the workshop more effective.


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