Asset-Liability Management in Banks

Course starts in: 04-02-2018

05 Days

Course Objectives

a.    To familiarize the participants with the policies, techniques and strategies involved in effective management of assets and liabilities of banks and financial institutions.
b.   To develop skilled manpower needed for effective management of various risks that arise from the bank's dealing with assets and liabilities.

Course Info:

    a.     Regulatory Framework of Asset Liability Management-ALM Policy Statement, Structure of ALM, MIS for ALM, ALCO.
    b.     Financial Statements of Banks and Financial Institutions
    c.     Deposit and Non-deposit Liabilities and their Management. 
    d.     Management of Earning Asset Portfolio.
    e.     Capital Management in line with RBCA Guideline.     
    f.       Off-Balance Sheet Activities and their Implications.
    g.     Liquidity Management- Demand for and Supply of Liquidity, Maturity Profiles and Forecasting Liquidity Requirements, Strategies for Managing Liquidity Risk.
    h.     Interest Rate Risk Management-Mismatch between Assets and Liabilities, Gap and Duration Analysis and Hedging Techniques.
    i.     Treasury Operations of a Bank-Policies and Dimensions, Relation between Money Market and Foreign Exchange Operations.
    j.    Asset Securitization – Concept and Mechanism

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1. How far do you feel the objective of the workshop was achieved by the subject-matter-coverage of the workshop?


2. How do you evaluate the overall usefulness of the workshop?


3. How efficiently has the workshop been conducted by BIBM?


4. Please suggest further measures, if you have any, to make the workshop more effective.


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