Domestic and International Factoring

Course starts in: 24-01-2018

02 Days

Course Objectives

a.        To improve the capacity of stakeholders involved in domestic and international 
b.        To familiarize the participants with concepts, procedures, risk and related  issues of domestic and international factoring
c.        To discuss potentials and challenges of domestic and international factoring in the context of Bangladesh

Course Info:

    a)    Domestic and International Factoring: Procedures
    b)    Functions ,Varieties and Cost Components  of Factoring
    c)    Overview of International Trade Payment and Finance in the context of Bangladesh
    d)    Benefits of International Factoring in Boosting Exports and Imports
    e)    General Rules for International  Factoring(GRIF)
    f)    Account Management, Dispute, Fraud , Procedures for Handling and Arbitration
    g)    Risk  Involved  with  International Factoring  and  Procedures  to Minimize Risk
    h)    Challenges in Implementing International Factoring in Bangladesh

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1. How far do you feel the objective of the workshop was achieved by the subject-matter-coverage of the workshop?


2. How do you evaluate the overall usefulness of the workshop?


3. How efficiently has the workshop been conducted by BIBM?


4. Please suggest further measures, if you have any, to make the workshop more effective.


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