Islamic Banking Operations

Course starts in: 28-01-2018

05 Days

Course Objectives

a.    To provide an understanding about principles and practices of Islamic Banking.
b.     To acquaint the participants with the legal aspects, operational procedure, different modes of investment and functioning of the Islamic Banks.
c.     To discuss the techniques of identifying investment projects, appraisal and various operational procedures including auditing practices and operations of Islamic financial market.

Course Info:

    a.     Overview of Islamic Economics and Finance.
    b.     Islamic Financial Market-Its Necessity and Importance, Money and Capital Markets.
    c.     Islamic Banking-Its Origin, Nature and Development, Differences between Islamic Banking and Conventional Banking, Central Bank Guidelines and Monetary Policy in Islamic Framework, Differences between Interest and Profit, Socio-Economic Impact of Interest on the Society Welfare-Oriented Activities of  Islamic Banks.
    d.     Islamic Banking and Shariah Council, Shariah Standards/Audits, Sources of Shariah Laws, Shariah Laws in Islamic Banking System, Usage of Shariah Principles by Islamic Banks.
    e.     Deposit Mobilization Process of Islamic Banking-Characteristics and Operational Procedures of Wahdiah and Mudaraba Accounts.
    f.     Modes of Investment under Islamic Banking-Current Guidelines Vs. Shariah Standard (IFSB and AAOIFI), Musharakah, Mudarabah, Murabahah, Bai-Muajjal, Bai-Salam, Hire Purchase, Quard-al-Hasana, etc., Other Modes of Investments Lease Finance, Auction-Investment, Syndicate Investment, Term Investment.
    g.     Fund Management in Islamic Banks.
    h.     Selection of Right Type of Investment Projects and Borrowers (investment clients), Preparation of Credit Report, Appraisal of Investment Proposals, Sanctioning, Documentation, Disbursement, Supervision, Follow-up and Recovery of Investment.
    i.     Foreign Exchange Business and Islamic Banking.
    j.     Investment and Foreign Exchange Operations under Islamic Banking.

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